Women Unite in Song for International Women’s Day

March 8, 2018

by The 8 Percent

I Am | The Official [FULL] Video

[click HD to view in high definition] March 8th 2018 is International Women's Day and what better way to celebrate than to create an anthem in celebration of our incredible worth to the world as the daughters of today and tomorrow.Proudly supporting @Girls From Oz and featuring the talents of Gizzle, Mish Fornito, Mel Van Dyk Australian Girls Choir, Girls from Oz, in collaboration with Choir In The Cloud and Voice Your Brand. Links will be added to this post for the track which will be available on iTunes, Cdbaby, Google Play and @Amazon in the coming week.In the meantime, we hope that you will share this message of I Am with your sisters, nieces, mothers, daughters, aunties, best friends, and your networks so that our little ripple can become a wave of empowerment around the world.To donate directly to Girls From Oz, please visit the following link and mark "I Am Project" in the donation message so that we know we have made a difference >>> https://www.givenow.com.au/girlsfromozSpecial thanks to all of the above who participated on the track and choir, and to our cast of real girls and women CFA, Lauryn Mark, MDX, Martial Journey Academy of Martial Arts, Wyndham Resort Fiji, @Uschi Felix, Western Bulldogs AFLW, @phillipa sprague Guyane Bouquet @Michelle Gallaher, Maccessorize By Mackie, Claire Victoria Small @Amy Ferguson and the random women we met in our travels that put their hand up to be filmed for the project.Also to our production team: David Small, John Lebesis, Michael Zammit, @David Briggs, Dene MenzelFor more information on the project please visit www.voiceyourbrand.com.au

Posted by Voice Your Brand on Wednesday, March 7, 2018


Women from across the world have united in song to celebrate International Women’s Day.

I Am brings together rap and choir to break down gender stereotypes and champion the message that women have both the ability and the right to pursue their passions, no matter the form they take.

Producer and co-writer Dene Menzel – who led 2016’s World 4 Peace Project – said her six year-old daughter was the inspiration for the project.

“On the internet, television, at shopping centres, in movies – on a daily basis, she was seeing images of what a girl ‘should’ be. Eventually, she started questioning it, asking me why some things were for girls, and some things for boys. We had a conversation about it, and by the end of it she understood that there were no limits to what she chooses to do in and with her life, as long as it aligned with her as a person.”

Melbourne singers Mel Van Dyk and Mish Fornito headline the track, which also features a special guest verse from Gizzle – the esteemed US rapper who has spent the last decade collaborating with industry icons including Puff Daddy, Lupe Fiasco, Pharrell, and Nicki Minaj.

The trio are backed by passionate women from Australia and beyond who recognised the importance of I Am‘s message. They include martial artists, firefighters, construction workers, entrepreneurs, and athletes such as Commonwealth Games Gold Medallist Lauryn Mark, who called the experience “a complete honour”.

Joining them are Menzel’s Choir in the Cloud, a digital ensemble of singers from areas such as Ukraine, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Uzbekistan, and rural Australia. Members of the choir record their part of the song on their computers or phones, and upload them to be used in the song.

Menzel says the most important member of the collaboration, however, is the Australian Girls Choir.

“I was so honoured when the Australian Girls Choir jumped on board – they are such a fantastic advocate for girls in the arts, not only in their main choral programs, but through their charity initiatives.”

I Am will be made available for purchase via digital distribution later this week (updates here), with all proceeds going to Girls from Oz – the Australian Girls Choir charity partner which seeks to improve educational and employment outcomes for Indigenous girls and young women in remote Australia, by providing high quality performing arts education and travel programs.

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