We’ve covered a lot in the Book of Controversy – don’t attack people, grow a thick skin, stick to your guns, engage your haters and stay current. This brings us to the final chapter – it’s the most important rule, and probably not what you think. Chapter 5: Have Fun.

This might seem basic, but it’s actually the hardest rule to follow. Even I have trouble with this one sometimes. The key to using controversy as an effective tool in your business is enjoying what you do. You need to like getting people riled up, getting them talking and debating and discussing. You need to enjoy baiting the trolls (you know, the ones who will come and disagree and attack, not because they disagree but because they just like causing trouble. Hmmmm… Sound familiar?). And you absolutely need to enjoy standing out and being noticed.

If you prefer being a wallflower, slinking under the radar, then controversial marketing might not be right for you. This isn’t to say you have to be an extrovert – I consider myself an introvert, but I do have the strength and confidence to stand up and stand out and stick to what I believe.

Controversy will bring attention. That’s the game. That’s the whole point – you want attention, you want to use the outcry to attract like-minded people to your tribe and also to weed out those insufferable whiners  you never want to work with.

Enjoy it. Don’t let the morons get to you. Play with them, have fun with them and always remember the reasons you came to the Book of Controversy in the first place.

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