Spencer Tunick Reveals the ‘Return of the Nude’

December 15, 2018

by Mitch Ziems

 Image: Spencer Tunick

After months of anticipation, photographer Spencer Tunick has today unveiled the final images from his Return of the Nude photo installations, which were created as part of this year’s PROVOCARÉ Festival of the Arts.

“My work has long brought out the common themes of community, individual identity, and the challenges of making the arts an inclusive experience rather than an exclusive experience”, said Tunick.

“Working within the Chapel Street Precinct provides an amazing opportunity to let the citizens of Melbourne become the artist themselves. I believe these final images have captured an extraordinary moment in the timeline of Melbourne.”

 Image: Spencer Tunick

The images, which were printed as gifts for the 860 individuals who took part in their production, were not the only reveal this Saturday morning.

For the first time ever, Tunick is offering people the opportunity to experience one of his shoots without taking off their clothes, thanks to Virtual Reality.

Anyone who downloads the Chapel Street app on Google or Apple devices can visit Artists Lane in Windsor, and discover just what goes into the creation of one of Tunick’s internationally revered artworks.

“I think its simply magic that the participants, or the public, can visually revisit the making-of the photographs when they walk into the area that it took place”, says Tunick.

“Anyone can visit the site where the Artists Lane installation was photographed, and with the help of the Chapel Street App, immerse themselves in the world of Tunick”, says Chapel Street General Manager Chrissie Maus.

“If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be surrounded by 550 nude people covered in paint, this is your chance!”

 Image: Spencer Tunick

In an interview conducted with The 8 Percent earlier this year, Tunick spoke about his collaboration with PROVOCARÉ:

“The festival asked me to do something bold that would engage the public. I knew this location was ideal to create something provocative, transcendent…a gift to everyone who is participating.”

Now, thanks to Virtual Reality, Tunick’s work is a gift that keeps on giving to the people of Melbourne.

 Image: Spencer Tunick

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