For the author behind a series of books whose titles suggest immediate results, Tim Ferriss’s podcast slowly and carefully works its way through reflective, emotional, and inspiring concepts at a relaxed pace.

Ferriss is always respectful of his guests, letting them answer questions in such a way that they respond as if consoling an old friend. It’s a dynamic that brings out the best in all his interview subjects, from actors to athletes, and scientists to soldiers.

One of the more endearing qualities of the show is how Ferriss’s questioning often results in answers that have a broader meaning than there direct context. When Robert Rodriguez talks about accidentally blowing up a building, we can all find advice within on how to embrace the unexpected and keep the people working from you inspired. A discussion with General Stan McChrystal teaches us how to focus on our ‘mission’, while another with Tony Robbins reminds us to be grateful.

With podcasts rising in popularity, both for audiences and creators, it can be hard to balance our time when choosing which to listen to. That’s why Ferriss bullet-points highlights on each session with the audio itself. If you’re short on time, have a look, and choose what time to skip to in order to hear what’s most important to you. He also makes it easy to track down any people of interest referenced in the podcast, via links to their wikipedia page, or to pages directly associated with his guest.

The sessions can be listened to via a range of sources, including iTunes, Stitcher, Youtube, and Ferriss’s website Four Hour Work Week.

I’ve posted below one of Tim Ferriss’s latest podcasts with actor and entrepreneur Rainn Wilson, best known for his work as Dwight in the U.S. version The Office.
Traversing both humorous and serious topics, the session wonderfully represents the way that Ferriss connects with his guests.

The Tim Ferriss Show is highly recommended by The 8 Percent team.

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