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In this episode of The 8 Percent Podcast, we speak with Australian Actor, Producer and Anti-Piracy Advocate, John Jarratt.

Australian listeners will know John well – he’s been on our screens consistently for the last 40 years in everything from the iconic Picnic at Hanging Rock to Better Homes and Gardens.

Globally, he’s know for his terrifying role as Mick Taylor in Wolf Creek and for being Quentin Tarantino’s “favourite Australian actor”. Tarantino even wrote a part for John in his movie Django Unchained.

In this podcast, John and The 8 Percent founder Leela Cosgrove discuss how he got started in the industry, how young actors and filmmakers can forge a similar career using what’s available to them in 2016, and what he feels is the number one challenge facing the ‘business’ end of film making.

John is also super passionate about putting an end to piracy and torrenting – he shares with me how piracy is destroying the Australian film industry and what he thinks can be done about it.

You can listen to the podcast on iTunes, or Soundcloud.

The Wolf Creek television series is currently streaming on Stan.

John’s autobiography, The Bastard from the Bush: an Australian Life is available online, and through selected retailers.

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