The Art: Sensazioni (Sensations)
The Artist: DiegoKoi

The Work: 

Sensations. It’s a perfect title, don’t you think? The lighting is subtle, the perspective evocative, and the subject’s face captures an emotion we can all relate to.

Beyond the incredible technique, Italian artist Diego Fazio, aka DiegoKoi’s work holds a stunning secret. Can you tell what it is?

Here’s a hint:

That’s right. DiegoKoi is not a photographer. He creates his subjects with pen and paper.

Diego first started by drawing images inspired by Japanese-style tattoos, but quickly discovered his ability to draw out palpable emotion through the sketching of lips and eyes. As his skill in depicting the human form strengthened, so too did his impeccable precision. Through shading, he learnt not only to create depth, but hyperrealistic form that seems to transcend the assumed limits of the form.

Over the last six years, Diego’s work has won several awards, including Best Artist at the 2011 NonFermarti, and was exhibited at the Jonathan Levine Gallery in New York. He has also contributed his art for the sake of several charities, include Healing Heridas AC, and MONAA, Monaco Against Autism.

To see more of DiegoKoi’s work, visit his official website:

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