Artwork of the Week: Furnace

Image: Furnace, by Aexion/

Furnace, by Ramiro Perez/

The Art: Furnace
The Artist: Ramiro Perez, aka Aexion

About the Work:

Who ever said maths can’t be beautiful?

Fractal art is a digital art style that uses algorithms to create visuals out of naturally reoccurring elements. Combining artistic craftsmanship with modern technology, it is one of the most complex art forms ever conceived.

And still, Spanish artist Ramiro Perez (aka Aexion)’s creation Furnace has found a way to take this complexity to an uncharted level.

Using Incendia – a fractal design engineered he personally developed – Perez has created a stunning and challenging digital landscape. The 3D perspective stands in stark contrast to the 2D designs traditional to the form, and encourages viewers to explore and discover the repeating objects that make this fractal art.

Sure, I could point out what fractal artists refer to as theĀ “self-similarity” – the original object that has been multiplied to create the larger work. But to do so would be to undermine the very intention of such a fascinating piece.

No art style quite gives you the feeling of being immersed in an alien environment quite like fractal art. There is a serene and enchanting order to it, and yet it’s easy to find yourself getting lost in the patterns. That is what makes fractal art great, and what makes Furnace one of the greatest pieces ever created in the style.

You can see more of Perez’s work on his DeviantArt page.

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