Artwork of the Week: Full Moon Service

Image: Erik Johansson /

Erik Johansson /

The Art: Full Moon Service
The Artist: Erik Johansson

About the Work:

Perhaps the most alluring element of Erik Johansson’s work is how he manages to make obviously manipulated photos feel so real.

I’m not talking about his skill in Photoshop, but his ability to capture sentiment and tone without overtly skewing the mood of the original image. Besides the moons – which are retextured rice paper lamps – Johansson does little more in the way of editing than any general photographer. Ultimately, it’s his process, his attention to detail, and patience (some projects take months to come together) that makes his work so memorable.

Don’t want to take my word for it? You don’t have to. Johansson captures behind the scene looks at his projects in videos that are as mesmerisingly composed as his photos.


Based out of Sweden and the Czech Republic, Johansson has developed a reputation as one of the best in the industry thanks to his range of personal work and projects commissioned by the likes of Adobe, Microsoft, Google, and Toyota.

Johansson says the key to success is to believing in your ideas. “Don’t create what you THINK people want, create what YOU want,” he writes in his FAQ.

Want more?

You can check out Johansson’s work on his official site,
or go behind the scenes via his Youtube channel.

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