The Art: Lost Ones
The Artist: Axel Sauerwald

About the Work:

Religious imagery arrives in a dystopic future in Lost Ones, a haunting digital artwork by German artist Axel Sauerwald.

Undoubtedly influenced by the great work of Simon Stålenhag, Sauerwald conjures a world in which high technology imposes on a stunning natural landscape, creating an evocative and disturbing scene.

There is something reverential in the depiction of the subjects on the rocks. Their feet are dirty, their postures cowed. Are they here out of respect? Do they have a say in the matter?

That the ascending figure’s helmet is the sole one glowing suggests many readings, but Sauerwald offers no specific one as the definitive truth. Perhaps those on the rock are his disciples, lending an element of themselves to make him stronger. Or perhaps the floating man is representative of monolithic tech companies, leeching the essence of the masses to grow even more powerful. The curving of his fingers – a depiction of hands popular during the Renaissance – certainly suggests he is something more than a simple man.

Great art is that which gives the viewer enough information to connect with the work, but not so much as to present an obvious meaning. It is why we love such works as da Vinci’s Mona Lisa; we appreciate work that engages us without hitting us over the head. In that respect, Lost Ones is a great success.

We look forward to seeing more of Sauerwald’s work in the future.

For more of Axel Sauerwald’s art, visit his ArtStation page.

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