The Art: Bleeding Galaxies
The Artist: Irimia Sebastian

About the Work:

A unique and captivating digital artwork, Bleeding Galaxies takes a traditionally Eastern perspective in its depiction of creative influence.

Whilst the majority of cultures and religions look to deities as the source of creativity, and science to the power of the brain, Zen Buddhists turned to the body.

The circle above the hand is ensō, a symbol representing the moment in which the mind becomes free to let the body create. It embodies enlightenment and the void simultaneously, in order to describe the plane from which creativity is drawn as beyond the confines of our worldly forms, and yet one that can use our bodies as creative instruments as the artist uses a brush, or the writer a pen.

Sebastian captures this splendidly, depicting a hand formed from the very void itself. It bleeds to represent the permanence of the creative’s endeavours to break the confines of assumption, knowledge, and rationale to tap into something greater.

For more of Sebastian’s work, visit his DeviantArt page.

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