Jack is the 35-year-old founder and owner of Neoteric Acquisitions, a by-appointment-only import service. His company specializes in providing exclusive clients with any items they require for both business and personal reasons. They track down and import rare and exotic gifts, antiques, books, art, jewellery, and more.

Jack is currently single (or, married to the job), with no children. He has a wide range of interests and an adventurous spirit, which serves him well when he finds himself in sticky situations when acquiring an item for a client.

Jack also happens to be fictional. His blog is a creative experiment, contributed to by multiple writers who have free reign to put Jack through whatever they want, on one condition: although he will learn a lesson every time, his life must always be left the same by the end of the episode (think: The Simpsons, or basically any other sitcom, ever.). That means no losing an arm, or suddenly marrying (unless there’s a REALLY quick divorce!) or anything else that will permanently alter future episodes.

Want to Drive Jack’s Life?

We are accepting submissions for episodes of Jack’s Life. Episodes should be around 400 – 800 words (but can be shorter or longer if you’ve got something really cool going!). You can get creative, things can get as weird as you want, as sappy as you want, as dangerous as you want, as long as you follow these guidelines:

  • Jack needs to learn a lesson or teach us a lesson in every episode. It can be about business, or it can be personal development, but whatever happens there needs to be something taken away from it
  • Nothing that happens in your episode can be permanent. By the end of the episode, everything must remain the same.

If you think you have what it takes to drive Jack’s life, submit your episode below as a Word document. We’ll contact you if your episode is accepted for publication to discuss further details.

  • Accepted file types: doc, docx.