In Chapter 1 of the Book of Controversy, I gave you the first golden rule of controversial marketing – never attack a person. Once you’ve got that firmly implanted in your brain, you’re ready to go out there and cause trouble. But wait – are you sure you’re ready for this? Because here’s where Chapter 2 comes into play.

Once you start causing controversy, you’ll be thrust into the spotlight, for better or worse. And don’t think doing it via social media will be better – it won’t be. If anything, people are even more vicious when behind the perceived anonymity of the Internet. If you’re doing it right, the proverbial is going to hit the fan – and that’s the point, of course.

People are going to come at you, attack you (remember the first rule? That’s something your detractors won’t follow). The single most important thing you can possess is a thick skin. There will be attacks about how you look (even if you look like Angelina, people will find something to pick on), your ideas, your values, your life choices, your right to live on this planet.

How will you handle it? Will you fight back, shut down, freak out? You need to know how you handle that sort of pressure before you go into it. I’ve had all sorts of death threats, threats of violence and rape, threats against my husband and my business. I’m strong – very strong. But some of those threats have gotten to me. I’m only human, I have feelings – and so do you. So before you start your controversy, sit down and take a good look at yourself. Think of some times when you felt like you were being attacked, and what your reaction was. If you think you’re going to be overly drained, depressed or angry, this path might not be for you.

Granted, I’m VERY good at what I do – not everyone will get such a visceral reaction. But you need to be prepared for the haters and you need to know you can be strong in the face of the bullshit. Otherwise, you’ve lost before you’ve even begun.

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