November 18, 2014

by Jenna Cosgrove

What do you use to write? Do you put it all down on paper with a pen and then transcribe to a computer? Do you write in Word? Or straight into WordPress?

Of course we all have different ways we like to do things. But sometimes there exists the most perfect tool that, once you start using it, you can’t believe you ever used anything else.

For me, when I write, that tool is Scrivener.

Scrivener is the most perfect writer’s word processor. Unlike Word, it has all the functionalities you could possibly want (and it exports to Word format anyway, if you absolutely need a Word file).

Scrivener is all about organisation. Whether you’re writing a book or a series of blog posts, you can break everything down into as many little pieces as you want.¬†For my novel I had it broken down into chapters. For my business writing, I have one file for Profitalist, broken down into folders by subject, and then each piece in a separate page. Sound easier than having a million Word files with all your pieces in them? It is! It’s easy to move parts around, to seriously outline and re-outline.

The corkboard feature – Scrivener

The other great thing about Scrivener is that it’s super stable. I haven’t had it crash once, and it autosaves constantly so if you were to have a random power shutdown or similar, you wouldn’t lose anything except maybe the last word or two.

There are many other functionalities, like being able to import your research into files (including whole web pages!), and a great full screen mode so you don’t get distracted while writing.

Most of my writer friends use Scrivener, because it’s easy and it works. I’d suggest checking it out!

Text editing – Scrivener

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