February 11, 2016

by Amelia Smithe

Let’s face it: artists are losers.

Stephen King wrote every day for 9 years without selling a book.

David Lynch made a living in his late-20s as a paperboy.

J.K. Rowling considered herself a failure seven years after graduating from university, because she hadn’t done anything of note with her life.

But they kept going.

And, eventually, they succeeded. Big time.

The truth is, we all fail on the road to success. It’s the part of the process that helps us understand our shortcomings, and grow as a result.

The more we fail, the more we learn, and the better our art becomes.

So long as we don’t give up.

Delve.TV has a great, three-part video essay series on the arduous journey to artistic success, starting with a look at the struggles of Leonardo da Vinci. If you need a bit inspiration to carry on your own endeavours, I suggest you take a look.

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