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In 2014 interviewed dozens of entrepreneurs from all around the world for our Entrepreneur Insider Series. It was our aim to gather answers from a broad selection of business owners, from those just starting out to those well established in their industry.

The interviews we conducted completely exceeded our expectations! What surprised us most was how honest and open these entrepreneurs were about just how hard it is to be in business, how difficult it can be to keep your mind in the right place. The success you see from the outside is rarely the full picture.

Everyone struggles, but most of us have learned to hide it pretty well so it’s easy to think you’re the only one. But in reality, everyone from those in the pre-launch phase to those running 8-figure companies has moments of self doubt and struggles with moving forward.

The series has been so valuable to our readers that we sat down and chose the 20 most inspiring entrepreneurs to feature in our Entrepreneur Insider special edition. (It was tough to choose – there were so many wonderful interviews!)

Our most inspiring entrepreneurs range from a 17-year-old antiques dealer, to the head of an 8-figure recruitment company, to a mom who risked it all to provide a better life for her kids, to a designer who donates a portion of all her sales to her favorite charity.

They may have different stories, but the basics are the same – they’ve worked hard and taken risks to get where they are, and they’re open and willing to share their story with you, to inspire you and let you know you’re not alone.

The 92-page Entrepreneur Insider special edition is free for all of our valued readers. Simply enter your details below and we’ll email you the link to download it. We hope you find the stories inside as inspiring as we did.


The 20 Most Inspiring Entrepreneurs:

Fiona Anson, Workible
Iain Bayly, Bayly Solutions
Brett Birkill, Prime Movers Workwear
Carol Campbell, NIET
Stephanie Ciccarelli,
Benjamin Gross, Ben’s Antiques
Felena Hanson, Hera Hub
Richard Harmer, Holos Group
Deb Hescott, J’espere
Llew Jury, Reload Media
Jamie Lee, Kids at Switch
Tudor Marsden-Huggins, Employment Office
Mia McCarthy, Yummia
Jarrod Morgan, ProctorU
Michelle Romero, ProjectCreate
Dr Elaine Saunders, Blamey Saunders hears
Brad Scoble, Ownfone
Peter Solway, Solway’s
Bosco Tan & Alvin Singh, Pocketbook
Nicci Workum, Nicci’s Smalls