Welcome to Masters at Work, the new series from The 8 Percent that looks at the life and careers of five entrepreneurial Victorians.

In these episodes, you’ll find out how these five people rose from humble, challenging beginnings to make an impact on their communities, on their industries, and on the world.

These are their stories.

Episode One: Dr Tien Huynh

Few value the importance of education and hard work like Dr Tien Huynh.

A refugee of the Vietnam War, Tien fought against sexism and cultural expectation to pursue her passion for the sciences, and now mentors in the hope of helping others do the same. Many face these kinds of challenges in their lives, but it’s The 8 Percent who ultimately pull through to change the world as Tien has.

Episode Two: Ben Mcnamara

You’re unlikely to meet anyone who understands the power of a photograph quite like Ben Mcnamara.

Ben’s not just an artist, but a humanitarian whose work combines these two elements to explore the essence of life.

Never one to say no to a challenge, his courage has taken him to some of the most remote, fascinating, and occasionally dangerous places in the world to tell the stories of those who inhabit them.

Episode Three: Susan Dimasi

They said couture fashion would never work in Australia, but Susan Dimasi proved them wrong.

From rural Victoria to the grand fashion houses of Europe, Susan journeyed to build a successful brand in defiance of industry expectations. She truly embodies the courage, creativity and excellence that defines The 8 Percent.

Episode Four: Emre Deniz

When news broke that the Global Financial Crisis had essentially destroyed the Australian video game industry, many prospective designers went in search of new careers.

Emre Deniz wasn’t one of them. Even when life got hard – and it got truly hard – he kept his passion close to heart, and worked to make his goal of defining a new age of gaming a reality.

Episode Five: Donna Stolzenberg

Donna Stolzenberg understands what it is to live a life on the streets. She’s been there, and she’s seen how difficult it is to escape homelessness without the right support.

Providing that support is no easy task, but Donna’s not in it for the recognition. All she cares about is making a difference, and that’s what makes her 8 Percent.

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