My Work:

I am a Certified Content Marketer through Copyblogger, and Gamification Level II certified through Engagement Alliance. I am available to create content about:

  • Creativity
  • Writing
  • Gamification
  • Business mindset

As a professional writer, I have a lot to say about writing and creativity. I’m also a big believer in gamification – as an example, check out the business game I co-produced, The Sword of Sales.

Please contact me to discuss how we can work together to get you some great content for your business!

Read Some of My work:

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About Me:

I’ve been writing since I was old enough to hold a pencil (or a crayon…or a permanent marker against a nice white wall…). My earliest memories are of making up stories, of acting them out and writing them down. A writer was never something I wished or hoped to be – it’s just what I am.

As someone who expresses herself best through words, discovering the Internet in the mid-90s was something of a revelation. I frequented chat rooms and email groups and have watched with unending interest as the online world has rapidly evolved.

Over the years, my online and writing interests naturally combined into a passion for online content creation, and I have been doing this professionally for the past 7 years as a freelancer and also for my own personal sites and various employers. I am the Content Editor for Profitalist and write regularly for the site, as well as contributing articles to many others around the web.

I have varied interests and knowledge bases. In the business realm these include: marketing, sales, social media, and business mindset.

Outside of business topics, I am interested in: global women’s rights, literature, book publishing, typography, street art, and anything to do with the 60s (and I mean ANYTHING!).

I also write fiction – I recently completed my first novel, and I write short stories and am trying my hand at screenplays.

Find out more about my personal writing at: