How Cards Against Humanity Are Saving the World

It’s going to be pretty difficult to list all the ways in which the team at Cards Against Humanity (CAH) made the world a better place this year, but let’s give it a try:

Of course, it’s not just about getting a laugh.

In mid-November, the company announced Cards Against Humanity Saves America, a campaign designed to encourage social change in the witty, off-beat way that only it is capable of.

150,000 fans each donated $15 to enable CAH to deliver “six days of incredible surprises”. So far, four have been revealed…and damn, have they delivered.

Day One

Day one garnered immediate media attention when it was revealed that the company had purchased land on the US – Mexico border in an attempt to destablise Trump’s proposed border wall.

“Right now, the federal government is working to pour billions of your tax dollars into building a wall between the United States and Mexico, despite the fact that walls have been militarily obsolete since the advent of gunpowder.

Knowing that owning the land would not outright inhibit the government if it was to go ahead with the plan, CAH have retained a legal team specialising in eminent domain. Their goal is to make the process as tedious and as expensive as possible if Trump chooses to proceed.

Until that day, CAH are using the site as a trebuchet test-firing facility. You can see the siege engine in action here.

Day Two

Doesn’t it feel like good news these days doesn’t feel as good as it once did?

The Good News Podcast is designed to counteract that feeling, with daily doses of uplifting news and happy moments.

So far, they’ve talked with an eager wedding photographer celebrating the legislation of gay marriage in Australia, and a cat person meeting a group of therapy dogs, amongst others.

Short and sweet, the episodes are sure to bring a smile to your face; a feat too rare some days.

Listen to the podcast here.

Day Three

Perhaps the most impactful so far, day three saw CAH tackling wealth inequality.

” Every idea has to start somewhere. Our lawyers advised against our first choicea campaign to eat all the rich people and live in their housesso we settled for something more achievable. Last month, 150,000 people signed up for Cards Against Humanity Saves America. Today, we’re redistributing their money.

When participants signed up to the campaign, they were asked to fill in a survey. Based on the findings, CAH refunded 10,000 subscribers.

To the 100 subscribers they found to be struggling with money the most, they sent a $1000 cheque, paid for out of the campaign pool.

Recipients included a woman from Michigan who is caring for a dying mother and niece whose parents can’t look after her themselves, and a man from Idaho who plans to use the money to reconnect with his family over the Christmas season.

You can read what more recipients had to say here.

Day Four

Day four is all about bringing an end to homework.

Studies continue to reveal the social, educational, and health impacts that homework has on students. Little of it is good.

In response to the these findings, CAH have partnered with Donor’s Choose to support teachers who are developing alternative methods to inspire positive growth in students outside of the classroom, as well as to provide them with the support and materials they need to thrive.

CAH will match donations up to $100,000.

You can check out the full list of Donor’s Choose projects here.

All of this, in a single year. Go back further, and you’ll find many more examples.

When we talk about an 8 Percent business, Cards Against Humanity are exactly who we are talking about.

Their product – which is probably the most hilarious, least family-friendly game played in homes across the world – serves to develop a community through which they are able to create world-changing programs.

And they are changing the world. This campaign might be called Cards Against Humanity Saves America, but the values and impact of what it is achieving expands far beyond the “preposterous golem” that runs the country, and at whom the campaign is aimed at.

We can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

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