Creative entrepreneurs aren’t dictated by their industry or their profession. They’re dictated by their own drive and passion. It’s about the way they think as much as what they do. So without further ado, here are some of the top attributes of a creative entrepreneur. Let me know how many of these qualities you have in the comments below!



#1 Creative Entrepreneurs create success

#2 They create success for themselves and for others.

#3 They make the most interesting products in the world.

#4 They create the most interesting jobs in the world.

Creative-entrepreneur-5-fast#5 They’re Fast

#6 They quickly quantify the knowns and unknowns of a situation.

#7 They implement new ideas at the speed of light.

#8 They get bored easily but that’s OK because…


#9 They see all of the things

#10 They’re connectors. Of ideas. Of people. Of everything.

#11 They anticipate change before it happens.

#12 They create opportunity.

the mark of a creative entrepreneur-they live

#13 They live

#14 They engage with the world.

#15 They laugh.

#16 They play.

creative-entrenpreneur-17-hustle#17 They hustle… Hard

#18 They apply inspiration and perspiration in equal measure.

creative-entrepreneur-19-fail but

#19 They fail. But…

#20 They get up again.


#21 They know it’s a numbers game

#22 They take risks… but they’re calculated risks.

#23 They keep taking calculated risks until they strike oil.


#24 They give amazing value

#25 They balance all the needs. Theirs, their business and their customer.

#26 They build businesses that give huge value to their customers.


#27 They eat and sleep innovation

#28 They don’t rehash what is, they create what will be.

#29 They experiment.

#30 They amaze.


creative-entrepreneur-31- change

#31 They change the world.



I am a creator. I will act. I will take calculated risks. I will combine information and resources together to make them worth more than the sum of their parts. I will create products with massive value. I will create services of massive value. Because I create profitable businesses. Because I am a creative entrepreneur… and I will change the world.

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