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What We’re Looking For:

Our mission is to provide articles to entrepreneurs and artists that will help them move forward in all aspects of their business.

We accept articles from established and up-and-coming writers, on any of the categories listed on our site. Right now we’d especially love to see submissions for our regular features, like Perspectives and Jack’s Life.


By-lined articles of 500-1000 words, written in conversational tone and covering an interesting viewpoint are in high-demand. We are especially looking for anyone with a cool story who can offer captivating advice on success and mindset to our readers. Teenage entrepreneur? Ex-con who’s turned her life around though business? Military background? Get in touch!

Below are some of our favorite articles – check them out to get an idea of what we like:

1. This is Why You’re So Damned Lazy

2. Three Ways to Survive Creative Criticism (AKA It’s Only a Flesh Wound)

3. How Imagination Literally Created Civilisation as We Know It.

Note: Your headline is often the most important part of your article. We can help come up with one that rocks, but if you submit your article with a brilliant headline attached, you’ll definitely move to the top of the pile.

Feature Posts:

We have two feature sections that are open to contributors: Perspectives and Jack’s Life.

Perspectives is all about you! Do you have a story from your life, something crazy or sad or important that happened that taught you a valuable lesson? If so, submit away! It can be as long or as short as you want—the important thing is that the story is gripping.

Here is an example of a Perspectives post: “Oh Jenna, You Have to Be More Confident.” (or, that time I almost died in India).

Jack’s Life is an experimental feature series based around the fictional Jack, CEO of Neoteric Aquisitions. Feel free to put Jack through any trials and tribulations you want, with two conditions: the reader should learn a business or mindset lesson from the post; and by the end Jack’s Life needs to be relatively the same (so, no marrying him or permanently injuring him and so on).

You can read the first episode of Jack’s Life here.


We love reviewing books, movies, podcasts, events, apps, products… and whatever else we think our readers might be interested in!

If you’re interested in reviewing for us, here are the rules: we send you one of the above things, free of charge, and you send us an awesome review! They should be around 500 – 1000 words, depending on the format of what you’re reviewing, and how much you have to say about it!

In the reviews, we’re looking for some insight that will grab our readers. Our niche is entrepreneurs, aged around 28 – 40, who are interested in big ideas – creativity, innovation, bleeding edge, anything drastically different and boundary pushing. If you can communicate with our readers why the book/movie etc. is relevant to them, how it will change them or help them grow (or how it WON’T), that would be perfect.

If you’d like to be a reviewer, please contact us so we can send you something to review!

What Happens Next?

We will inform  you within a week if your article has been accepted. Your article will be edited for brevity and clarity, and to fit in with the style of our site.

The Fine Print:

  • Your article needs to be original (we will check) and not published anywhere else, unless we have an existing agreement with you to republish your work.
  • Please send your article as a Word document only.
  • If there are links within the body of your article, please include the link next to the text you want as the link – please do not embed the link within Word.
  • We will choose the featured image for your post, but if there are any specific images to be included in the post itself, please attach them to your email in as large a file size as possible.
  • If your article references companies or entities in which you have a vested interest, please disclose this to the audience in your article.
  • If published, you will receive your own author box below your post. Please include a brief biography, link to your website and any social media profiles you want to list, plus a recent headshot.
  • You retain full copyright of your article, but The 8 Percent may reprint the article with full attribution in our marketing materials and future issues.
  • We do not pay guest posters for their occasional contributions. For professional writers or those with ideas for a regular column, please contact us to discuss renumeration.
If this all sounds good to you, please submit your article using the form below.