Few things have the ability to bring people together quite like music. After all, that’s why it was created in the first place.

It was with this in mind that Melbourne-based singer and mother Dene Menzel decided to play her part in countering the sadness, anger and uncertainty currently plaguing the world by unifying international singers in harmony.

Barely 18 months later, 200 singers from 24 countries have come together under the banner of the World 4 Peace Project. The ultimate goal? To tear down the perception that concepts like race, religion, and territorial borders are what set us apart, instead of highlighting what makes us all the same. “There is too much emphasis on fear and barriers – this tears people apart,” laments Menzel.

Participants in the ‘virtual choir’ come from the Australia, Ukraine, Brazil, Israel, South Africa, Uzbekistan, and many other nations, with all sharing in Menzel’s vision. They’re joined by Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalists Gospel Singers Incognito, as well as Australian superstar and philanthropist Kate Ceberano, who leads the new rendition of classic Australian ballad Waltzing Matilda.

“I was honoured when Kate jumped on board – she’s not only an icon in the Australian music industry, but she is a great advocate for human rights and world peace.”


Menzel hopes that by revitalising the song for a modern audience, it can bring together global citizens as the traditional version continues to unite Australians, who revere it as an unofficial national anthem.

The song can be purchased via iTunes, with all proceeds going to UNICEF Australia. The official video for the clip will launch on September 21st, 2016: The United Nations’ International Day of Peace.

For Menzel, Waltzing Matilda was a massive undertaking, but it is only the beginning. She plans to continue growing the World 4 Peace Project, while running her primary virtual choir, Choir in the Cloud.

“I’m not a leader. And, I’m not a crusader. I’m simply a muso and a mum who cares about creating a better world in the only way she can. It is my goal to continue to create and encourage initiatives like this to share positive messages across media and do my bit for the planet.”


For more information on the World 4 Peace Project, visit
Choir in the Cloud.

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