June 22, 2016

Artwork of the Week: The Lone Ranger

by Amelia Smithe

Artwork of the Week: Kung Fury

June 7, 2016

More than just a parody of 80s action films, Kung Fury is a technical wonder, and fitting tribute to one of America’s most explosive exports.


Artwork of the Week: On Guard

May 17, 2016

Reynold Dewantara’s ‘On Guard’ is the embodiment of everything that makes National Geographic’s Travel Photographer of the Year competition so captivating.


Artwork of the Week: Book Sculptures

May 10, 2016

American artist Jodi Harvey-Brown has found a whole new way to bring the words of books to life. Click to check out her magnificent book sculptures.


Artwork of the Week: Night Owl

May 4, 2016

Chinese artist Hua Tunan combines traditional Chinese form with a Jackson Pollock-esque splatter effect and a twist of street art to create truly breathtaking work. Check it out.


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