Author: Mitch Ziems

From a young age, Mitch dedicated himself to writing. He thrives on shaping stories of great endeavours, no matter the form they take. He came to Melbourne to surround himself with likeminded people, and soon found a home in The 8 Percent. Mitch writes mainly on futurology, creativity, and brand activism.

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March 15, 2018

International Artwork Makes Landfall at the Lorne Sculpture Biennale

by Mitch Ziems

8 Women’s Firsts in the 21st Century

March 9, 2018

From the first black woman to preside over an Ivy League college, to the mathematician who defined modern computing, these are eight women who have made significant strides forward in the 21st century.


Think Big, Write Small

February 23, 2018

Think using complex language in your writing gives people the impression you’re worth reading? Think again.


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