Author: Andrea Asnicar

Andrea Joshua Asnicar is an Italian cinematographer based in Melbourne. Graduating in Art Direction in Milan, he quickly directed his focus to producing video content, from narrative to commercial. In Australia, he has been working with multiple production houses and media companies for clients like Bupa, The Brand Agency, Worksafe Victoria, Ignition Pictures, Clockwork Films and others. As a cinematographer and camera operator, Andrea worked on indie productions like “The Resurgence”, the feature film “Mudd”, the tv series “DeeBrief”, the experimental VR featurette “The Cardboard Box”, the VR series “WildEyed VR” and a handful of short films for Resurgence Productions. In the last period he’s been focusing on music videos and fashion films, bridging the gap between artists and designers and foster collaboration.

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October 8, 2018

Review: TRUSTEES is a Visceral Critique of the Great Australian Silence

by Andrea Asnicar

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