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One day, a young Sokari Douglas Camp was sitting with her mother, and looking at photos.

“Who’s that short person?” her mother asked, pointing to one picture.

Douglas Camp looked at it, confused.


Her mother pointed at one of the subjects.

It wasn’t a short person. They were simply in the background.

In that moment, Douglas Camp realised the storytelling power of distorted perspective.

Blue Head Tie

Born on the Niger Delta, Douglas Camp knew she was going to be an artist from the very first time she drew a picture in the sand of her island home.

Initially experimenting with painting, it wasn’t long before she realised her skills were better suited for a more hands-on medium. This, and the revelation she’d had when discussing the photos with her mother, lead to Douglas Camp turning to steel sculpture.


After studying in the United States and United Kingdom, Douglas Camp settled in London, where she rose to fame through her fusion of modern technology and the characteristics of the Kalabari people of her homeland.

Her work is now on display throughout Europe, Japan, and the US.

Accessories Worn in the Delta

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