The Art: Snorkeling
The Artist: Hsu Tung Han

About the Work:

It takes a moment to get your head around what you’re seeing when you look at Taiwanese artist Hsu Tung Han’s latest sculpture, Snorkeling. That’s ok. Let it sink in.

By instilling elements of digital media into a wooden structure, Han creates a glitch effect that dynamically captures both movement and emotion. More than bubbles, the careful disorder of the pixel blocks seem to represent the subject’s physical transition into an alien landscape: the ocean.

It’s almost like a puzzle, yet the absence of pieces create a greater understanding of the subject before us than the fully-formed figure ever could.

There’s a mesmerising serenity to it, one that draws the viewer in as all great art does. Some claim to find themselves obsessed with the level of detail and attention to structure, while others say they feel lightheaded, almost weightless, as if they too were descending into the ocean depths.

How does it make you feel?

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