Artwork of the Week: Pop Culture Dystopia

Image: FIlip Hodas /


The Art: Pop Culture Dystopia
The Artist: 
Filip Hodas

About the Work:

Filip Hodas is one of Adobe’s 20 creatives to watch in 2017, and it’s easy to see why.

Starting as a poster designer, the Prague-based artist has built a name for himself over the last 18 months after trying his hand at 3D design. Formed in mesmerising, hyperrealistic landscapes, the world of Hodas’s work is a surrealist fantasy; grand in its vision, simple in its execution.

His latest series, Pop Culture Dystopia, was created for Instagram as part of a new texturing software trial. Unsurprisingly, the images went viral, bringing international attention to Hodas’s work.

Set against stunning landscapes, the series diverges from Hodas’s famous twist on traditional structures to depict a funky future in order to play with pop culture icons including Mario, McDonalds, and Hello Kitty. It’s fun, vibrant, and beautifully bizarre.

Scroll down to see the entire collection, and to find out how you can own one of Hodas’s pieces yourself.

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Also be sure to check out his Instagram.

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