Artwork of the Week: Know Thyself

Image: Matthew James Kuniholm /

Matthew James Kuniholm /


The Art: Know Thyself
The Artist: Matthew James Kuniholm

About the Work:

In his book The Double, Jos√© Saramago writes¬†“chaos is order yet undeciphered”.

This is the truth that informs Know Thyself, a glorious achievement from artist Matthew Kuniholm.

Complex and thrilling, it’s not hard to feel overwhelmed by the extreme detail and warped perspective. But look a little longer, and you will discover a masterfully defined world in which to explore.

Kuiholm’s work has long featured pieces that fuse the organic and the digital together, but never with such thematic resonance. Behold the horned god of time, whose web entangles all. Undoubtedly it is a monstrous sight, and yet when you look into its core, you will find serenity. It is as if Kuniholm is telling us that time may seem our enemy but that, in the end, it will bring us peace.

Kuniholm admits to being inspired by Josh Kirby, the artist who brought the vibrant and irreverent world of Terry Pratchett’s high fantasy series Discworld to life. Another inspiration would seem to be visionary artist Alex Grey. But while the colours and style bring to mind great artists of the past, the entire composition serves chiefly as a testament to Kuniholm’s skill.

Know Thyself is celestial, but personal. Psychedelic, but precise. It’s a truly fantastic piece of work that suggests Kuniholm has an exciting career ahead of him. We can’t wait to see more of his work as it appears on his website or Instagram pages.

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