Artwork of the Week: Game of Thrones Sand Art


The Art: You Know Nothing
The Artist: Tetiana Galitsyna

About the Work:

Sand. Can you think of a more unruly material to use in the creation of an intricate piece of art?

It’s a question to keep in mind as you watch Polish artist Tetiana Galitsyna capture the main characters of the upcoming seventh season of Game of Thrones in her piece You Know Nothing.

The grace and control Galitsyna demonstrates while meticulously shaping each speck of sand is nothing short of spellbinding. She has the capability, like many great artists, to make a process mastered over many years look easy, giving it a meditative, almost ritualistic feel that calls back to the origin of the form.

While Galitsyna has shared many pieces via her Youtube channel, she is primarily known for her live performances. Each is unique – the pieces crafted throughout will never be seen again once Galitsyna wipes her slate clear – and is tailored for the audience. Such flexibility has made her a popular performer the world over, as well as an award winner. In 2013 she won Poland’s Got Talent. The following year, she was nominated for Ukraine’s Person of the Year prize.

For more of Tetiana Galitsyna’s work,
visit her
Youtube page or official website.

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