Artwork of the Week: Everything is Incredible


The Art: Everything is Incredible
The Artist: Tyler Bastian

About the Work:

Throughout much of the 20th century, polio devastated the Central American nation of Honduras. It was the children who suffered most; often becoming infected at birth, they would struggle with the disease for their entire lives, to varying degrees.

One of the more pronounced sufferers was Agustin, who grew up in the midst of the pandemic to become a shoemaker. But it was not this work that made Agustin famous in the region.

In 1962, Agustin started building a helicopter from scrap materials he found in his small town. He thought the project would take three months to complete; 50 years later, he is still persevering.

Agustin’s story is one of courage and excellence. When his drunk brother used to parade the streets calling Agustin crazy, he continued his work. When he received a new wheelchair, he took it apart and added the materials to his design. As his condition worsened, he did not let his focus on the little details slip.

Some call him crazy. Others are quick to point out that he’s unlikely to finish construction, let alone have an opportunity to test its efficiency, before his death. Agustin addresses these claims simply, yet profoundly:

“The problem is everything is incredible, and people don’t accept it”.

There has been no update on Agustin’s condition since 2014, but whether he ever manages to complete his project seems inconsequential. It is the process of creation that drives him, not the destination. That is why we celebrate his achievement.

UPDATE: Director Tyler Bastian has informed us that Agustin has passed away.

“Agustin passed away peacefully at his home in July of 2017. He died poor but happy. Thank you for recognizing the film. It truly is a beautiful story and I am grateful that Agustin was in my life.”

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