The Art: Club Palace
The Artist: Caravane

About the Work:

CGI has been the industry go-to for creating weird and wonderful locations in films for almost two decades now. There’s a certain pragmatism to the craft, but also a sterility that makes it less impactful than the handmade practical effects of old. When a big CGI project is constructed well, audiences rarely care enough to notice. Practical effects, on the other hand, exude life. They’re mesmerising, and demand respect.

Club Palace, a new short film from directing duo Caravane, in collaboration with Creative Director Camille Boyer, and DoP Nik Mirus, is the perfect example of how classic techniques can still wow viewers.

The film takes us on a dreamlike voyage through surreal, boundary-defying spaces. Delicate cinematography, masterfully choreographed, challenges our perception of scale as we float from room to room, taking in each intricately forged element.

You’re bound to rewatch certain sections – such as the awe-inspiring moment we blast into a bathroom in which the water flows upwards – and try to figure out just how they were created. That’s the power of Club Palace. Doing this stuff on a computer is easy if you have a strong grasp on the software you’re using. Doing it by hand, on the other hand, requires such extreme precision and attention to detail that you can’t help but admire those who brought the project to life.

Caravane put together a short behind the scenes clip, which you can watch below to learn more about the film.

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