Artwork of the Week: Bridge

© Jennifer Balkan
© Jennifer Balkan

Artwork: Bridge
Artist: Jennifer Balkan

About the Work: 

Austin-based artist Jennifer Balkan left her work in behavioural neuroscience to pursue her passion for painting in 2001, but her nuanced understanding and appreciation for the human mind resonates clearly in her creations.

Beyond it’s almost photo-realistic depiction, Bridge‘s power lies in its composition. Though we do not know what the subject is staring at, her look of fortitude – tinged by what seems to be repulsion – tells us everything we need to know. From her face, our eyes gravitate to her arm, down to the top of the railing, which then blurs into the distance. Whoever this woman is, whatever she has been through, this bridge is her escape, and she is setting off into the future with strength and courage.

Bridge has been created using oil paint on aluminium, a technique which will ensure the painting isn’t warped over time like those put to canvas often are.

To see more of Balkan’s work, or to purchase one of her pieces, visit

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