An Anthem For a Generation: Pepsi’s Live Now Ad


Video is entitled “Live For Now Anthem” which tells me how to feel about entire video – anthemic. Moved. Thirsty.


Lesser-known-Marley croons about “something, something, something generation” – indicating that this ad defines my generation.


Young, good-looking protestors of various races march in the street, for some undefined cause, something to do with “peace” and “join the conversation”.


A woman wearing a hijab is frustrated with America’s complex and deeply ingrained racial and gendered tension – so she drinks a Pepsi.


Hot Asian cellist, tired from giving his cello a good smashing, drinks a pepsi while watching undefined protest march by.


White boy band and black hip hop dancers come together for dancing in the street through the power of Pepsi.


Folk hero and civil rights activist, Kendall Jenner, throws off her blonde wig (signifying her rejection of the patriarchal beauty standards she so despises).


Totally not to impress hot Asian boy. But mostly to impress hot Asian boy.


(after all, aren’t boys the only reason we women care about social causes?)


Small number of policemen, with no visible weaponry wearing baseball caps and no riot gear.


In a startling act of political defiance, showing none of the fear of being shot you would expect from a straight, white, incredibly rich woman approaching police officers at a protest, Jenner pushes her way through the smiling early-twenties crowd and walks up to the police line.


Hands a police officer a Pepsi.


He drinks it. Crowd goes crazy hugging and cheering – perhaps undefined protest was protesting hangry police officers with low blood-sugar?


World is fixed! Human beings come together! THANKS PEPSI!


Good looking early 20’s crowd walks towards camera exhibiting their Boldness.


Authors Note:

I started writing this as a serious article looking at how Pepsi had completely screwed the idea of entrepreneurial activism into a cynical marketing ploy. But, frankly, it’s so damn obvious that in the end, I wasn’t going to justify it with that kind of depth.


Consumers – Millennials, Gen X, Boomers et al – aren’t fucking idiots, Pepsi.


You should have just done this:


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