How Intellectual Badass Amy-Louise MacGregor is Helping Entrepreneurs Connect With Their Audience Like Never Before

“I’ve got a big, fat ass goal!” declares Amy-Louise MacGregor, and she means it.

The digital marketing specialist, mentor, speaker, and “intellectual badass” has been balancing a day job as the IT manager for a company of nearly 400 staff with the development of her own business. Now, after years of steady growth, she is greatly expanding operations in order to bring her 17 years of experience and knowledge to even more entrepreneurs across Australia.

That “fat ass goal” MacGregor’s talking about is to connect with business owners and provide them with the strategy and tools necessary to establish them as an authority in their field. She does so by utilising a range of digital platforms to ensure each client’s perfect audience can be found and communicated with effectively.

This level of personalisation, and personal care, is what sets MacGregor apart in her industry. Where digital marketing agencies are likely to hand clients over to junior staff, or even outsource the work to international contractors, MacGregor prides herself on connecting with clients one-on-one in order to discover what lies at the heart of their business, and help define their unique value. From there, she develops and implements a customised strategy by her own hand, backed by technical experts who assist in expediting the process.

The results, MacGregor says, create a storm of “social media chaos” that her client’s competitors find it hard to contend with.

MacGregor notes that whether they’re dentists or dog walkers, her clients are entrepreneurs who recognise that they need help establishing their online identity. While their competitors are throwing good money after bad on Facebook ads, or using cheap ‘build-your-own website’ services to save a dollar, MacGregor’s clients are collaborating with her to engage their audience in the most immediate and impactful ways possible.

What’s more, MacGregor doesn’t just know the technology. She also knows what it’s like for entrepreneurs who, after a couple of years in business, recognise they need support to take what they do to the next level. Entrepreneurs who started their own company because they’re passionate about the work they do, but have realised that to meet their full potential, they must seek aid from other experts.

What she wants them to know is that she is the one who can make that happen.

MacGregor is currently offering a free strategy session for entrepreneurs who needs her service.

There’s no obligation, simply visit and fill in your details to arrange a session at your earliest convenience.

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