Did You Know That Only 8 Percent Of Businesses Survive Their First 3 Years?

Why do you think that is?  

Is it a lack of information on business success?  

A quick google search will show you that’s not true. There’s more information than ever on how to grow your business – some of the really good stuff is even free.  

Is it a lack of drive and ambition, or willingness to work hard?  

From the number of frustrated and burned out entrepreneurs I meet daily, I’m pretty sure that’s not the case. 

Did You Know That Only 8 Percent of High Achievers are Happy?

If you’ve already survived beyond the 3 years – congratulations! 

But also – bad news. 

Year on year, you might survive – but there’s a high likelihood that you’ll be exponentially more miserable and unfulfilled a time goes on.  

WOO HOO! Business rocks! Haha.  

Look, you’re good at what you do. You’re smart. But this business thing? 

As you know, it takes a lot more than that.  

I’m sure, like me, you hear people talking about going into business for “freedom” or “money” and you snort your coffee all over your keyboard, where you’re sitting for the third day in a row in pyjamas that you probably should have changed out of by now …  

Because the reality of what we do is very, very different to the pictures of people throwing their hands in the air on the beach with their laptop.  

Legit, who comes up with those images? Sun glare would make it impossible to see anything on your screen, you’d get sand all through your keyboard and most importantly – you wouldn’t look that happy if the only way you could make an excuse to go to the beach was to take your work with you

The New Model of Business Leadership

It’s frustrating, isn’t it, this whole business thing?  

I feel you – even at a couple of million, I get frustrated too.  

It’s like there’s always something new to learn. And even though I love learning, sometimes I just want it to be “enough”. 

Tell me if this looks a little bit familiar:  

This is a model I built a couple of years ago and which, until now, I’ve only shared with my highest level clients.

Basically, it outlines this cycle we all get ourselves into.  

We start with some kind of crisis – it might be a crisis of faith around our job or a crisis of needing money – something that pushes us to start our business in the first place.  

And so we go into hustle – we work our butts off, we do what we have to do (while completely exhausting ourselves and our resources in the process – hence the empty cup), until we hit the point of “enough”.  

Then, we stop. We relax. We do less. We need to, because we’re utterly burned out. 

But as you know, there’s no such thing as stasis in life or in business – so while we’re stopped, we’re experiencing depletion – the bank account is going down. Clients are dropping off – then all of a sudden we hit a CRISIS – and the cycle starts over again.  

We instinctively know that the issue with this cycle is that line of “enough” – and so, naturally, we raise the bar. We set “enough” at a higher level. We move into this thing I call MOAR (after one of my favourite memes) 

MOAR is the pursuit of more for no real, explicable reason.

It’s vision boards, goal setting and manifesting intergalactic kajillions so that you can buy a private jet and an island. 

Okay, you’re probably not that over the top – but I was. 

I kept upping my goals and working harder, throwing myself into the Crisis / Hustle cycle until I literally burned myself out (I’ve spent the last couple of years working on my HPA Axis dysfunction).  

Look, I’m not saying don’t make money. I like money. It lets you do cool things like buy stuff you want and go to Necker Island.  

What I’m saying is – from someone who has done it – MOAR will never make you happy. Only more miserable.  

Whether you’re in the early days of playing out this cycle, or further along, there is an answer for breaking yourself out of it – without burning your business to the ground! 

Your Invitation To Join The 8 Percent of Successful And HAPPY Business Owners 

So what you might have realised about me by now, if you didn’t know it already, is that I don’t sugar-coat things, or promise ease and perfection in order to make sales.  

My clients nicknamed me “The High Priestess of Hard Truths” for this very reason.  

I know how hard this journey is – and I admit it.  

I also have some pretty good strategies to make it easier – otherwise I’d probably have died of massive heart failure by now.  

I’d like to invite you to apply to spend two days with me, as I discuss the realities behind building your business, both from my personal experience, and from mentoring many of the familiar faces in the Australian industry.  

The list of just a fraction of the people who have worked with us / attended our events over the last 10 years include:  

Digital Marketer, Travis Jones, Mark Ottobre, Kat Loterzo, Ryan Magdizarz, Linh Trinh, Jack Murray, Kirsten Roberts, Carissa Hill and many, many more.  

I say this because it’s a well-known fact – people who work with us go on to do big things in their respective marketplaces.  

Basically we’re known as the “coaches coaches”, because so many people in the industry have been through our stuff and use it in one form or another. Odds are, if you’ve bought coaching in this country, you’ve bumped up against our work in one form or another.  

But in reality, we’ve worked in over 180 different industries. We’ve helped retail stores, professional service providers, doctors and lawyers to make more money and build foundations for businesses that don’t consume them. 

What Our Clients Say About Us

Yuan - Metro Dietetics 

Ryan Diess - Digital Marketer


I have to pre-qualify that, because the assumption is - if we're running a thing, it MUST be about sales.

The last time I ran an event was in 2012 – for the last five years, I’ve been focused behind-the-scenes on working with our top level clients who pay us $70,000 a year, and with growing the business.  

We've built a reputation for knowing our shit when it comes to sales. It became natural to step back and let my partner, Gulliver, do his Great Work in this area, while I managed behind the scenes …  

Look – you’ll never hear me say sales isn’t important. Of course it is. It’s the lifeblood of your business.  

But I’ve also seen a lot of people take and teach our sales system, without the understanding of the underlying strategy.  

So, What IS This Event About?

Escaping the Crisis / Hustle Cycle:

In a way that’s joyful AND makes you more financially abundant than you’ve ever been.  

Yes. There really is an answer that is neither joylessly striving for “MOAR” nor burning everything down and restyling yourself as a spiritual coach. 

(No shade at spiritual coaches, honestly, but if you’ve gone down that line you know – it’s not an easier path. Integration rather than destruction, my friends!). 

Stepping Into Leadership: 

How to take a leadership stand both inside of your business and with your marketplace.

Warning! This is not going to be the fetishization of leadership that you’re used to. 

We get real and raw about the good, bad and the ugly. 

Leadership comes with challenges, trials and heartbreak. It's not all achievement and sunshine.

Positioning With Integrity: 

The marketplace is so crowded and noisy, sometimes it can feel like you’re yelling into the void. 

You know you’re good at what you do – so how do you set yourself apart from everyone else who’s saying the same thing? 

It seems like everyone's answer is to copy someone else - when in reality, that just sets you up for failure from the start ...  

Cult Branding

Our clients literally tattoo our logo onto themselves. 

Learn how we’ve created a small but fanatical band of fans who stick to us like glue.  

I’ve got clients who’ve been with me for six years whose lifetime value is over $500k - and counting.  

Sustainable Growth

This is NOT an event about how to put up a Facebook ad. 

There are a million courses out there that will show you how to do that. Some of them are even pretty good.  

Here’s the thing, I can give you all of the growth hacking business strategies in the world – but you’ll hurt yourself with them, over and over again

Either through lack of implementation –or OVER implementation. You’re playing out crisis / hustle with no end in sight.  

You need sustainable practices not only in terms of how you grow your business – but also in terms of self-growth and self-care.  

Platforms That Convert

If you want to play with the big boys, you need to have a strong platform – this is true whether you’re looking at publishing a book through a traditional publisher or getting yourself on stage to do a TED Talk. 

Learn how I’ve built a platform that’s given me the opportunity to speak at TEDX, as well as collaborate with Hermes, Rock Stars and Comedy Legends.  

Learn how you can build your own platform that gives you the opportunity to meet and work with all of the people you've always admired - while engaging fully in your Great Work.

Is This A Women’s Only Event? 


I choose not to run gender specific events for a really good reason – while I think women’s only spaces (and mens only spaces) are an important part of business and life, I enjoy creating a space with masculine and feminine interplay.  

I think both get so much more out of an event where they can really turn up and see each other.  

This is a space in which everyone will be checking their ego at the door – that’s ensured by the application process – and in scenarios where we’re not playing out egoic melodrama, I think it’s incredibly valuable for men and women to share the space.  

Hit Me With The Details

2 days in an intimate, small group setting – we’re limiting the room to no more than 25 people.  

THAT SAID - it could be fewer people. Because this event isn't just "pay and attend". Once you put down your registration fee, you and I will talk. You ask me questions, I'll ask you questions - and we'll decide, together if it's a good fit for where you are and where you want to go.  

This means you can be sure, this will be a high level room of serious achievers. Men and women who are really, really serious about growing their business to the next level.  

15-16th December 

South Yarra, Melbourne 

Price: $888 


Okay, but I’m obsessed with 8’s right now (Hello The 8 Percent), so it’s not really.  

After all, the whole “XX97” or “X860” thing is jut a bunch of made up crap. So why not make up numbers you like? This is what I’m talking about – this is your business. YOU get to set the rules. Stop listening to what everyone else tells you and just do you. 

How Does The Application Work?

You put down your registration fee and I’ll call you, personally, to discuss what you do and what your looking to get out of the event.  

At the end of that call, if either of us decides this event isn’t the right fit for you, I’ll cheerily refund 100% of your money immediately on the call and we’ll part friends. No hard feelings. This isn't about keeping $888 - it's about finding the right people who are the right fit for the room. If that means we only accept 5 people - so be it. This room will be highly selective.

My Personal Guarantee To You

If, by the end of Day 1, you decide this event isn't for you or you feel that I have in any way wasted your time - simply return your workbook for a full, no questions asked refund. 

Got Questions?

Are you interested in attending but are concerned about dates, or just have some questions about content? 

Email us here and we'll answer them all:

I look forward to talking to you soon and to helping you build an impactful business that centres around your Great Work and highest calling - without burning out or burning everything down! 

Rock On!



Although this isn’t a "sales" event, it is, of course, designed to help lay the foundations that will allow you to make massive sales in your business.  

One of my top clients came to me recently and said,  

“I need to make more money.” 

And I was like,  

“Dude – you’ve literally 5x’ed your business in 6 months. The last thing you need to do is make more money. More money for you, right now, would be a disaster.”  

He was shocked by this – but it’s absolutely the truth.  

Sometimes, when we think we need “MOAR”, the MOAR we’re after is the very thing that burns us out and destroys us.  

In those moments we need a break. A pause. We need to reassess and understand where we’re going.  

I’ve designed this event to be exactly that pause – exactly that break.  

And right in time for 2018 planning!  

I hope to see you there!